Flexible on demand. Made to measure.

Our processing options are also as extensive as our product range. MUT Tubes in cooperation with Hoberg & Driesch meets highest customer demands by using high-performance processing systems like cutting, deburring and wash units, cutting-off benches as well as beveling and turning machines. The ordered tubes are cut accurately to size to suit your particular needs you will get perfectly fitting ready-to-install cut parts, without any offcuts and no wasted material. We can adapt the steel tubes in more extensive processing stages to semi-finished products, according to your technical sentence.

Pipes cut precisely to length

All kinds of sizes from our product range will be cut to fixed lengths in our processing centre. They can individually be checked for compliance of the ordered length specifications, the results will be documented if requested and can be used in production immediately without post treatment being necessary.

Serial Cuts

We perform serial cuts with extremely high-performance processing aggregates. Even very close tolerances and high demands regarding surface-friendly treatments are a matter of course for us.

Special services

Through in-house processing and in cooperation with qualified partner, MUT Tubes also offers you special services for the entire range according to your requirements, with additional approvals and the corresponding certificates.

  • Sand blasting according to DIN EN ISO 12944, SA 2,5
  • Primer and top coat
  • Hot-dip galvanizing according to DIN EN ISO 1461 and according to VDE regulations 
  • Deburring and bevelling according to DIN EN ISO 9692/1
  • Subsequent annealing, normalising, soft annealing, stress-relief annealing