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Know how - in all sectors

Through its long-term business relations, the MUT Tubes has proven itself as an expert supplier and partner for industries with vastly varying demand, quality and service profiles. Our clients and business partners benefit from this know-how. At present, we successfully work together with the following industries in the fields of plant and pipeline construction:

Energy sector

As a full-service provider, the MUT Tubes can supply its customers with high-quality boiler tubes which are able to withstand high temperatures and pressures, in all materials used in power generation plants.

Chemical & Petrochemical industry

Our high-quality range is characterised by its resistance to corrosion from aggressive substances such as acids and its suitability for use under increased temperatures and pressures. The pipes, tubes and flanges reliably fulfil all technical and chemical standards of the chemical industry. This range of pipes and tubes is able to accommodate many of our customers' specific requirements from a single source.

Our range not only fulfils current European standards but also satisfies previous national standards and regulations. This means that pipes and tubes are not only suitable for use in new constructions but also for effecting problem-free repairs to existing industrial chemical facilities.

Mechanical engineering

Company MUT Tubes as a leader in tubular market supply a wide range of construction machinery, hydraulic pressure lines and steel structures. Our seamless or welded tubes, hollow sections, forging parts meet all required standards and certification for use in these challenging structures.

Commonplace is the preparation of these materials for further processing and cutting to not only fix length but also the 3D laser/plasma cutting intersection etc.

Gas industry

An impressive range, breadth and depth of products and diversification are proof of the Group's expertise.

The MUT Tubes supplies the international gas industry with pipes and fittings for gas lines, gas stations and gas accumulators.


The MUT Tubes offers a range of engineering services from a single source to customers all over the world. Its business fields comprise planning, project development, site surveillance, project implementation, production, and execution of construction work.

Project implementation also includes material procurement and the assembly of complete pipeline systems and plant components. Internal pipelines for turbines are also produced and installed.


Comprehensive project management from planning through to product logistics is an integral part of the customer-oriented value chain. In particular, we coordinate technical support with the participating partners both on the side of the customer and on the side of the manufacturer.


Our daughter company MUT Automotive focuses on complex solutions from project consulting in search of a suitable material to the serial delivery directly to the customer (more under